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Dave Kroha  |  Principal, Creative Director

Dave has managed Kroha Direct (and its various brand iterations) since 1984. He attributes Kroha Direct’s longevity to being agile, adaptive, and having the unique ability to integrate the power of “direct marketing principles” in any and all media.

Serving as Chief Strategist and Creative Director, Dave develops or strictly guides the creation of all branding and marketing content the agency produces.

When project needs dictate, Dave’s combines his strategy. copywriting, and design capabilities with those of proven-effective media and production service partners. This approach to custom-configuring a virtual agency team “as needed” gives Kroha Direct an edge for delivering high-performance solutions along with welcome cost-efficiency.

A graduate of the Boston University School of Fine Arts, Dave’s expertise in direct marketing began as a direct mail and product designer at Weekly Reader/Field Publications in Middletown, Connecticut. A member of the DMA, AMA, and select industry trade groups, Dave has been invited to share his marketing insights as a guest speaker at numerous seminar and industry events.

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